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TiitleSri Mrinal Bandyopadhyay left us

Our Academy\'s present president and one of the most noted music directors in the world of Bengali music Mrinal Bandyopadhyay passed away this evening. He left behind charming melodies in numerous songs including Sri Manna Dey\'s Basic songs:- \'Dukhho Amake Dukkhi Koreni, Jodi Ekhono Amake (1985)\', \'Je Samadhi Beditar, Tumi Chithi Likhe (1988), Ma Aamar Ma (1998), Baro Mase Tero Parban (2001), Aamar Priyo Monishi (2003), Bharat Tirtha (2004) & Film songs:- \'Chokh Mukh Hasi\' (Harano Prapti Niruddesh) (1977), \'Hallo Mister\' (Jaar Je Priyo) (1987). The world of Bengali music will always hum his immortal tune \'Aamay Ektu Jayga Dao\'. All the members mourn his death


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