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TiitleOur 8th Annual Program

We are very happy to inform all are well wishers and patrons that we have celebrated our 8th Annual Program on 1st May, 2013 at Kala Kunj Auditorium, Kolkata on the eve of the 94th birthday of the Great Indian Music Legend, Shri Manna Dey.

The program started with a Sanskrit sloka, sung by Shri Manna Dey, followed by the opening song by the members. After that we paid our homage and gratitude to the eight legendary music personnel who were very closely associated with Shri Manna Dey alongwith their creations. Our Chief Guest, the legendary music personality Shri Amar Paul and our Guest of Honour, the famous lyricist Shri Bankim Ghosh presented memento and tribute to Sm Sabita Chowdhury, wife of the great lyricist and music composer Sri Salil Chowdhury, to Sm Manjusree Dasgupta for the great lyricist and music composer Sri Sudhin Dasgupta, to Sm Ruchira Mukhopadhyay, daughter of the great music composer Sri Rotu Mukhopadhyay, to Sri Piyal Bandyopadhyay, son of the great lyricist Sri Pulak Bandyopadhyay, to Sm Krishna Ganguly for the great musician Sri Rabin Ganguly (Bhyaka da). Sri Suparna Kanti Ghosh, son of great music composer Sri Nachiketa Ghosh could not attend the program. He sent a representative to accept the tribute for and on behalf of him. No representative came for the great lyricist Sri Shyamal Gupta, for the great music composer Sri Ajoy Das. We sent the articles to their residence.

Two of our Vice Presidents Dr S.K.Bhattacharyya & Sri G.K.Bhattacharyya presented bouquet of flowers and sweets to the respected recipients.

After that, our members Sri Jyotiprokash Chatterjee, Sm Rupa Sarkar, Sri Abhisek Das (Rony), Sm Piyali Ghosal, Sri Asesh Dey, Sm Malati Dey, Sm Tanika Bhattacharyya and Sri Pallab Ghosh performed some of the immortal songs of Shri Manna Dey. The program was anchored by Sri Debasish Basu and the program was a grand success.

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