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TiitleCondolence Meeting of sri Mrinal Bandyopadhyay


A condolence meeting was held on 27th July, 2013 at the Maha Bodhi Society Hall, Kolkata from 5 pm for the departed Great Music Director, Lyricist and our President Sri Mrinal Bandyopadhyay. 

The program started with the  1 min silent prayer for the departed soul. After that, some of the eminent  music personalities and some of our members mentioned the uniqueness of his music, as a man how he was and as the President of Manna Dey sangeet Academy how well he has managed to provide an umbrella to this academy.

Some of the eminent speakers were, Dr. Sujit Kumar Bhattacharyya, Vice President of MDSA, Sri Govind Kripa Bhattacharyya, Vice President of MDSA, Mr. S. F. Karim of SaReGaMa India Ltd., Mr Dipankar Acarya, the eminent musician, Mr Debaprosad Chakraborty, the great lyricist and our member, Sri Ramakrishna Paul, the eminent music arranger & recordist, Mr Ardhendu Bikash sharma,  Mr Animesh Ghosh,  Mr Amitava Ghosh, Sri Piyal Bandyopadhyay and other members of the academy.

Some of our members like  Ms Rupa Sarkar, Ms. Mithu Bhattacharyya, Sri Abhisek Das (Rony), Sri Asesh Ghosh, Sm Malati Ghosh, Sri Dipten Dutt, Sm Dolly Dutt, Sri Shimul Ghosh  payed their respect with songs.

Our Asstt. Secretary, Sri Rajib Bandyopadhyay payed his homage by playing a beautiful collage of some of the songs of Mrinal babu. At the end, Secretary conclude the meeting with vote of thanks.

Sm Sikha Maity, a Vice President of MDSA conducts the program very efficiently and successfully.

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