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TiitleReport of the 13th Annual General Meeting

The 13th Annual General Body Meeting of Manna Dey Sangeet Academy was held on Sunday, the 20th January, 2019 at Ramnagar, Baruipur successfully. The meeting continued as per the published agenda. The new Executive Committee was formed as under:

  • President: Sri G.K.Bhattacaharya
  • Vice Presidents:
    1. Sri Satya Narayan Chakraborty
    2. Sri Amitava Ghosh
    3. Sri Binoy Deb
    4. Sri Shanto Broto Nandan
  • Secretary : Sm Sikha Maity
  • Asstt Secretary
    1. Pratima Das
    2. Dipti Chandra
  • Treasurer: Sri Shankar Mondal
  • Committee Members:
    1. Sri Ashes Dey
    2. Sri Nimai Mondal
    3. Sri Ardhendu Mukherjee
    4. Sm Rupa Sarkar
    5. Sri Debasish Chakraborty

A New Cultural Committee has also been formed comprising of the members:

  1. Sri Nimai Mondal Chairman
  2. Sri Ashes Dey
  3. Sri Shankar Mondal
  4. Sm Piyali Ghosal
  5. Sm Shilpa Pal
  6. Sm Rupa Sarkar Convener

The meeting ended with the thanks to the Chair


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