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TiitleThe Music Competition for the year 2019
Content:  The Music Competition for the year 2019 was held  on 17th August, 2019 at Serum Thallasemia Prevention Federation Hall, 10, Bhupen Bose Avenue, Kolkata from 11 AM successfully. Two contestants were absent but the rest of the candidates took part in the competition in two consecutive rounds.  The following candidates have been placed in the winning positions:

1. Sri Anindya Sundar Sen - 1st position
2. Sri Debasish Patra & Sm Shaili Dutta - Jointly Second
3. Sm Ayona Basak - 3rd position

They will be awarded on our program of 24th October, 2019. They will also perform in the above program.
We congratulate them all.

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