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News on Padmabhusan Manna Dey is continuously updated. You have the scope to enrich the news item. If you send any information or news on him, this may be incorporated subject to approval of the screening committee.
SL.No Title Sender's NAme Sender's e-mail id Posted On View
1 The Golden Musical Moment by Padmabhusan Manna Dey Subir Biswas sbiswas2005@gmail.com 2007-02-26 VIew
2 Function at Rabindra Sadan on 21/2/2007 Rajib Bandyopadhyay ussrajib@yahoo.co.in 2007-02-25 VIew
3 A lifetime moment for me in Auckland, NZ Aditi aditidhoke@hotmail.com 2006-11-14 VIew
4 Padmabhusan Manna Dey in AUCKLAND, NZ Admin admin@mannadey.in 2006-11-04 VIew
5 Award given by International Publishers Association Admin admin@mannadey.in 2006-09-23 VIew
6 Manna Dey in LA Arun Saha saha@cs.ucr.edu 2006-08-09 VIew
7 Legendary Manna Dey in Los Angeles Arun Saha saha@cs.ucr.edu 2006-00-06 VIew
8 Releasing Album Admin admin@mannadey.in 2006-07-18 VIew
9 Recording for Puja, 2006 Admin admin@mannadey.in 2006-07-18 VIew
10 On the 87th birthday of Padmabhusan Manna Dey Admin admin@mannadey.in 2006-05-25 VIew
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